California Chapter of ADTA Acknowledgments

Lifetime Achievement Award
Beth Kalish - 2016

The ADTA Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes a specific individual for her or his lifelong and significant contribution to the American Dance Therapy Association and to the growth and development of the profession of dance/movement therapy. Nominations for this award are made and voted upon by the ADTA Board of Directors.

Exceptional Service Award
Lori Baudino - 2015

This Award(s) is given annually and can be nominated by or given to board members, chapter members, chapter leaders, committee members for exceptional service in their local regions to the ADTA and/or chapter. Several Exceptional Service Awards could be awarded each year as determined by the selection process. Nominees for this award may be made by Board members, chapter members, chapter leaders, committee chairs, or any ADTA member and voted upon by the BOD.

Leader of Tomorrow Award 
Melinda Malher-Moran - 2015
Sara R. van Koningsveld - 2014
Lora Wilson-Mau - 2008

This award is given to a dance/movement therapist and Professional Member of the ADTA who demonstrates leadership within the first five years after becoming a Professional member of the ADTA. Criteria for the award are based on significant achievement, such as serving in Chapter leadership roles, creating a program for providing dance/movement therapy services, advocacy in regulatory or legislative affairs, completing or publishing a research project, public relations/marketing achievements, winning a grant or other successes. More than one award can be given each year. Nominees for this award may be made in conjunction with the Members-at-Large, Chapter Leaders, and members of the Board voted upon by the ADTA Board of Directors.

The Outstanding Achievement Award 

Lora Wilson-Mau - 2016
California Chapter of the ADTA - 2012

The Outstanding Achievement Award is awarded annually in recognition of an ADTA member or chapter who has made a specific, significant contribution to their local town, city, county and/or chapter for the advancement of the field of dance/movement therapy. CCADTA former President Marybeth Weinstock, along with board and chapter members, accepted the outstanding achievement award at the 2012 ADTA conference in Albuquerque, NM.