The mission of the California Chapter of the ADTA is to bring together dance/movement therapists from all over the state in the common goal of growing our profession as a group and as individual practitioners. The Chapter protects and promotes the interests of dance/movement therapists in California while serving the needs of its members. We provide networking, support, and advocacy for our members as we lead our community.  These services will be provided in part through the Chapter website, workshops, and licensing efforts.


Our vision is to increase educational and professional support for dance/movement therapists with a commitment to using dance and movement as our therapeutic medium. We also connect with the broader mental health community to offer our unique skill set that complements and supplements the services they offer. We will move forward with the goal of integrating dance/movement and body awareness into the mainstream of mental health practices, through promotion and advancement of dance/movement therapists in the broader mental health community.



P.O. Box 318 Avenue I #75
Redondo Beach 90277
(805) 250.6250